Maintenance Tips for Commercial Air Systems

As summer approaches, the time to check your air systems is now. Spring is the perfect opportunity to ensure your air system is working properly and avoid long appointment wait times. Prepare so that you can sit back and relax when the next heat waves come. 

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Replace Air Filters Regularly

The filters in your air system play a crucial role in the production of good indoor air. It’s common for air filters to become clogged with dirt, dust, and similar pollutants. However, by leaving them clogged it can severely overwork your system, raising energy bills and placing your system at risk of larger damages, all the while producing polluted air. To avoid this issue, we recommend replacing your air filters every few months to keep your air system working at its prime.

Inspect and Clean Ducts

Air ducts allow cool air to flow evenly throughout your commercial El Paso business. Over time, dust and debris accumulate within the ducts, reducing the airflow and the efficiency of an air system. Similarly, the dust and debris get pushed throughout the building, contributing to poor air quality and may even trigger allergies in your workers or customers. We recommend air duct cleaning every few years to keep everyone happy and healthy.

Calibrate Thermostat

Your air system’s thermostat is responsible for maintaining the air temperature throughout your building. If the thermostat is not working properly, it won’t be able to read your home’s internal temperature correctly, keeping you in a state of discomfort. To ensure your thermostat is producing accurate readings, recalibrating your thermostat is recommended to achieve your desired temperature.

Clean indoor and outdoor units

Whether your air system is located indoors or outdoors, the elements surrounding the system can affect its performance. Each system can accumulate dust, dirt, debris, and other pollutants that contribute to inefficient air quality. A clean can be as simple as wiping down the surface with a cloth and your choice of spray. However, a professional clean is recommended every few years to ensure that your air system is operating efficiently.

Hire Licensed Technicians

While some maintenance tips seem manageable and doable, nothing beats hiring a professional service. Air systems are an investment, one that should be treated with proper care. By working with a licensed technician, you are guaranteed quality and knowledgeable service. Experienced workers know what to look out for, like hard-to-find refrigerant leaks and electrical issues that can cause damage to your unit and your health and safety.

Our technicians regularly perform maintenance and repairs on a wide variety of air systems to keep them running. At Wisco Supply, we recommend yearly maintenance to keep you comfortable all year long.

Maintain Your Commercial Air Systems with Wisco Supply!

Staying cool all summer and warm all winter should be easy. If you’re looking for professional air system maintenance in El Paso, Wisco Supply, Inc. is here to help! Contact us online or call (915) 544-8294 to schedule your appointment today.