4 Tips for Maintaining Your Boiler Systems

boiler systemOur boiler systems are intricate pieces of machinery that require the same amount of TLC that any other machine–be it a car, HVAC, or what have you–deserves. By regularly maintaining your boiler system, you can protect it from serious issues, malfunctioning, and working inefficiently. On top of that, it’ll stay clean and in tip-top shape for years to come. These four tips for maintaining your boiler systems can help to ensure you stay on top of maintaining your boiler system and help to prevent it from seriously malfunctioning.

Tip #1: Keep it Clean

Believe it or not, your boiler system can get pretty dirty. From a buildup of dust and gunk to liquid spills that can spell disaster, there are many things that can go wrong with your boiler. Keeping it clean helps to avoid these issues and more.

Tip #2: Lubricate the Parts

Multiple parts of your boiler system, including the circulating pump, will need to be lubricated from time to time. During routine maintenance, it’s a good idea to lubricate the necessary parts to ensure they stay up and running for a long time.

Tip #3: Check for Leaks

If your boiler system is leaking, there’s most likely something wrong with it. It’s important to check for leaks every now and then, including during routine maintenance, so the issue is fixed right away. Leaks can be a sign of something seriously wrong with your boiler system, especially if the leak persists or is huge. Leaks that are left unattended for a long time can not only mean trouble for your boiler system but also for your home since they put your home at risk for severe water damage. If you find your boiler system is leaking, hire someone right away to fix it for you.

Tip #4: Take Care of Lime Scale

Over time, limescale may build in your boiler system. Too much limescale can prevent your boiler from working as it should. Be sure to have your boiler system descaled during its regular maintenance checkup.

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