5 Common Commercial Boiler Problems and How to Fix Them 


The world would be a lot different without commercial boilers. Without these systems, our schools, office buildings, stores, and hospitals would be cold and uncomfortable buildings. Thanks to commercial boilers, our buildings can be warmed and heated. These pressurized systems are incredibly resilient and efficient, but they do run into problems from time to time. 

So what are some of the most common boiler problems? Let’s take a look at these issues and their solutions. 

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The Commercial Boiler and Its Functions 

Commercial boilers are heavy-duty pressurized systems that utilize electricity or burn fuel to heat water and provide heating for larger buildings. Manufacturers design boilers to be efficient, as they are tasked with providing heat for entire buildings. A broken boiler spells trouble to most businesses or commercial property managers, as they must scramble to get the problem solved right away.

How Does It Work?

Commercial boilers use electric coils or burners to produce heat and transfer it to the water. This process produces hot water or steam—this varies based on the type of boiler. This hot water or steam is then sent and circulated via pipes throughout the commercial facility. The water and steam transfer to the radiators or other components that will disperse the heat. 

The most common fuel for boilers is natural gas. Other types of boilers might use electric coils to produce heat from electricity. The common components of the boiler include:

  • The burner
  • The combustion chamber
  • The heat exchanger
  • System controls

Common Boiler Issues to Be Aware Of

Because a boiler operates for long periods and through difficult conditions, these systems need to be robust. It’s not uncommon, however, for boilers to experience some wear and tear and begin losing power over time. Regular maintenance and service can prevent this from happening. It stops issues from getting worse and catches problems early enough to replace parts or address concerns. Common issues in commercial boilers include:

#1 Lack of Maintenance

One of the best ways to have a boiler malfunction is by ignoring regular maintenance schedules. As many experts will tell you, irregular or bad maintenance is at the center of a lot of boiler problems. When a boiler is used regularly, it needs regularly scheduled maintenance. 

How to address: Contact your local boiler servicing company to schedule maintenance. Most companies will offer a regularly scheduled check-up so that you don’t have to remember to call. 

#2 Missing Insulation 

When a boiler is missing insulation, your boiler’s efficiency will suffer. The boiler needs to retain heat and one way the boiler accomplishes this is through insulation. The insulation keeps the heat from dispersing in order to save fuel. When heat is released, it forces the boiler to work harder and requires more fuel to maintain proper pressure and temperature. 

How to address it: Install high-quality insulation in the boiler. Use a professional to inspect the existing insulation and replace it with high-quality materials. 

# 3 Water Leaks 

If your commercial facility has a steam or hot water boiler, leaks are always something to keep an eye on. Some leaks are visible and easily spotted as they drip around the tank or pipes, but other leaks may not be as obvious. Air vent leaks, for example, may not always be easily spotted. A water meter can help detect some of these hidden leaks by determining where the system is losing water. If no water heater can be identified, there might be other issues such as atmosphere moisture entering the boiler system. 

How to address it: Have a technician investigate the cause of the leak if it is not obvious. If there is a corroded tank, it might simply be time to replace the tank with a new one. If there is a faulty pressure valve, then this can be repaired by a professional.

#4 Pressure-Related Issues 

Pressure-related issues can span a great many causes. When it comes to pressure-related boiler problems, you might be dealing with leaks, tank leaks, or on-off water feeds. If there is a lack of pressure, it can be directly related to a leak. Leaks in the exterior tanks are also common and lead to an increase in pressure. If boilers have an on-off type water feed, problems with temperature variance can cause steam production to decrease and this can cause the boiler to drop.

How to address it: Begin by checking the system pressure regularly. When changes in pressure occur, it might indicate a problem with the pump or steam trap. 

#5 Buildup & Clogs

A boiler system that uses poor water quality source or hard water might experience different effects. Calcium and other minerals can accumulate on the pipes and throughout the boiler slowing the flow of steam. 

How to address it: Depending on the kind of boiler, the clog may be happening throughout different components. Call an industrial boiler professional to identify the clog and unclog it using safe measures that won’t damage the system. 

Need Professional Commercial Boiler Services and Maintenance? 

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