Common Pieces of Equipment in Industrial and Manufacturing Settings 

Common Pieces of Equipment in Industrial and Manufacturing Settings

Industrial machinery includes some of the most diverse pieces of equipment due to their ability to handle the most intricate and some of the most perilous tasks in industrial settings. Several machines are used in various settings, but for the most part, you will see about just the same in almost every industry or manufacturer. Each machine fulfills a specific purpose. As a wholesale supplier of industrial machines, we understand the importance of educating educate our clients and customers on these different kinds of machines and what they are used for. Read on to learn more about them! 

CNC Machines

These machines utilize a manufacturing method that cuts and removes materials to create smaller or pre-existing parts. These machines have been popularly used recently in many industrial settings because they are fast and efficient. They do most of the work and barely need to be operated. In fact, they are predetermined what to cut by a computer operator and then make the necessary movements. 


Tanks can be found in many manufacturing settings and that is because manufacturers are constantly faced with the need to store bulk quantities of their products. Having the right storage tanks on-site guarantees having more than enough contents to work with and will not fall short of supply. Additionally, there are many tanks that are offered in several sizes depending on what they will hold and store. 


Mixers are commonly used in manufacturing settings that provide to construction or civil engineering companies. Operations in some manufacturing settings will heavily depend on mixing materials properly. There are several kinds of mixers such as ribbon mixers, batch compounders, continuous mixers, disperser mixers, double arm mixers, drum tumbles, and really, the list can go on, but that’s just to name a few! 


It is important that these industrial settings have generators because should a big storm hit, it will completely stop all of their operations. Having their own generators stores their own electricity which they can use should these kinds of catastrophes happen. When these settings operations come to a halt they can lose revenue and lose customer respect, so this is why these facilities are always equipped with generators. 

Compressors and Pumps

Compressors and pumps are also very important to these industries and settings. These machines are often found in plants that specialize in natural gas production. Compressors and pumps are designed to help maintain the required level of pressure and to transport materials to their anticipated destination in order to complete the job successfully. 

Cranes and Lifts 

Cranes and lifts are necessary for almost every kind of industrial setting. Getting, receiving, or reaching large-scale products will almost always require the use of a crane or lift. Lifts and cranes are often used in warehouses, construction, mining, automotive, and aerospace sectors. They each have specific uses of lifts and cranes for their manufacturing and constructive processes. 


As the name states, shredders are meant to help break down large materials into more manageable sizes whether they will be used for operations or if they need to be dumped. Shredders are often used to disintegrate pieces of plastic, rubber, and other kinds of materials. Shredders are commonly seen in almost every manufacturing facility. 

Hydraulic Cylinders 

These pieces of equipment are used as linear actuators to apply unidirectional force in many engineering applications. The rod within these cylinders is what transmits the power from the displacement of the pressurized hydraulic fluid through the piston inside the shell. This is used in many marine and offshore operations. These units power many engines. 

Packaging and Handling Equipment 

Many manufactured products, like many other products, have to be packaged accordingly before being delivered to the recipient. Almost all manufactured products will require some sort of special handling and care during the manufacturing process. This is what makes packaging and handling equipment some of the most necessary pieces of equipment in these companies because, at some point, this is a task they will have to take care of. 

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