Exploring the Early Days of Pumping Systems and Their Impact

a technician checking a level on a pumping serviceA pump has a very specific purpose. Even the early pumps in ancient civilizations and early Western cultures used the pump to dispel liquids. The early pumps were a type of bucket tied to a rod and were used to raise water from deep wells. This was early proof that human beings have searched for ways to transport water. The idea is the same. A pump is necessary to circulate liquids through a pumping system and even in the most intricate commercial pumping systems, this is still the case. Pumping systems are essential for a variety of functions. Whether they are needed to clear out sewage or to carry fuel oil, the quality and material are key to investing in a good pump system. 

The early days of pumps started in Mesopotamia and ancient Greece. These advanced civilizations were not only good in improvements in medicine and early philosophy, but their contribution to building, architecture, and irrigation systems were also significant. Screw pumps were early versions but were so practical that they are still used today in third world countries or places where there is no electricity. 

During the Enlightenment, inventions in hydraulic science emerged and rekindled the interest and need for pumping systems. Slowly, new types of pumps came out of the woodwork. These include the gear pump, centrifugal pump, savery pump, axial flow pump, electromagnetic pumps, and submersible pumps. 

Centrifugal pump was invented in 1698 by inventor Denis Papin, a Frenchman. The centrifugal pump is motor-driven that creates a suction force and pulls water through its system. The submersible pump was invented in the 1900s and perfected as the demands of the modern world required long-lasting and resistant pumps. 

Why Quality Pump Systems Matter 

This is a no brainer, of course. Pumping systems are essential for the day-to-day workings of many structures and buildings. Particularly in commercial buildings, pumping systems must be kept up and maintained so there are no leaks, clogs, or breaks that cause extensive damage. 

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