Famous Crane and Hoist Systems in Movies

Famous Crane and Hoist Systems in Movies

hoist and crane systemAs you probably already know, crane and hoist systems are essential in many industries, from factories and warehouses to hauling and importing/exporting. That is why at Wisco Supply, Inc., we specialize in a number of crane and hoist systems and parts for you to choose from. However, our appreciation doesn’t stop there. Check out these famous crane and hoist systems from some of our favorite movies!

Movie #1: Terminator 2: Judgement Day

Terminator 2: Judgement Day changed the world when T-800 (AKA Arnold Schwarzenegger) sacrifices himself to save mankind. In the end, Sarah Connor uses a hoist system to lower him into a vat of molten steel, where he perishes, teaching the world that if a robot can be compassionate enough to save humankind, so can we.

Movie #2: Jurassic Park

The Jurassic Park movies wouldn’t be the same without some dinosaurs eating some stuff, which is exactly what we get when, in the movie, the raptors are fed by having a cow lowered into their enclosure via a hoist system. The hoist then returns mangled and with no cow present. Feeding dinosaurs would be a lot more difficult if it weren’t for hoist and crane systems.

Movie #3: Scooby-Doo

The Scooby-Doo movie brought our favorite mystery solvers to life in a live-action thrill ride. While the majority of the movie took place on Spooky Island, the beginning of the movie takes place in a factory or warehouse of some sort, where they take down a caped crusader. At one point, Scooby actually rides on a hoist system as he tries to simultaneously escape and capture the bad guy. The ghost also uses a hoist in order to mimic flying. As you can see, hoists are real popular in action scenes.

Movie #4: Monster House

Monster House wouldn’t be the same without that epic crane scene at the end. Imagine being a kid and having to climb to the top in order to defeat a crazed, possessed house that’s literally tearing up your neighborhood? It’s definitely something we don’t recommend you try at home, but it was just enough to make that particular scene as epic as the movie is as a whole.

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