The Best Air Systems & Equipment to Keep Your El Paso Warehouse Cool


Warehouses are large open spaces. This space presents specific challenges to managers and property owners who need to keep the warehouse cool for their workers. Warehouse managers understand the importance of temperature control in their facilities. The rising heat can create problems for the day-to-day operations and workflows, but installing the right air systems and equipment makes all the difference. 

We explore some of the challenges of temperature regulation in warehouses and the best air system and equipment to deal with it. 

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Challenges of Warehouse Temperature Regulation 

For warehouse managers, temperature regulation in their warehouse presents several challenges in the winter and the summer. These problems include:

  • Heat/Cold air containment: Because of the spatial distribution in most warehouses, the most difficult challenge is controlling the temperature and keeping the heat or cold in or out. When there are extra spaces, more opportunities for air leaks exist. Some of these potential problem points include the windows and the wide doors. 
  • Rising Energy Bills: Whether you are heating or cooling your warehouse, the concern for energy efficiency and bills is always at the forefront. Warehouse managers have to keep their budgets in mind to ensure that they use their cooling or heating efforts in the most efficient way possible. 
  • Air Flow: Even powerful HVAC systems can have difficulties in adequately handling the settling of space due to the large and enclosed spaces. When this air becomes stagnant, it can have consequences. To begin with, this stagnant air reflects on the health of the environment and can lead to what is called sick building syndrome. This happens when employees breathe in this air and become ill. 

How Heat Impacts Manufacturing Warehouse Teams

Despite the difficulties in cooling the space, it is vital for production and the health of the employees that there is temperature control. As temperature rises, it leads to a loss of productivity. Here’s how rising heat can impact your team:

  • Heat exhaustion
  • Heat stroke
  • Rhabdomyolysis
  • Heat cramps
  • Loss of productivity 
  • Poor focus

Controlling the temperature is part of maintaining a welcoming work environment and keeping employees productive. At the same time, it can be essential for your operations because of equipment or products that require some degree of temperature control. 

How to Cool a Warehouse More Efficiently 

As a warehouse manager, you have several options when it comes to cooling your warehouse. There are ways you can cool your space much more effectively. They are the following: 

  • Installing Industrial fans. High volume/low speed (HVLS) ceiling fans are an effective way to keep the air moving. As mentioned above, one of the most difficult challenges presented to warehouse managers is how to keep the airflow from stagnating. These fans do a great job of keeping the air moving. High volume, low-speed fans are an essential component of ventilation. When temperatures rise, the large fan blades rotate counterclockwise, which sends air circulating in multiple directions.
  • Industrial fans or cooling systems on the floor. In addition to HVLS ceiling fans, installing industrial-grade ceiling fans on the factory floor enhances the air circulation in the entire space. 
  • Insulation. Just like in a home or other structures, insulation plays a vital role in energy use and the effectiveness of any air system. Insulating a warehouse ceiling and outer walls keeps the building cool. It helps with temperature regulation and avoids the unnecessary loss of heat or cold from the building. 
  • Portable air conditioners. Certain areas in a warehouse require more air floor and cooling,  so you can consider portable air conditioners that target a certain area. For many factories or warehouses that have workstations, these portable air conditioners help in cooling off segments of the area. 
  • Condition trailer environments. If your warehouse includes sections such as loading docks, you can install air systems and fans designed for manual loading and unloading environments. These systems provide directional airflow in a trailer. 
  • Incorporate air filters. By adding air filters to your systems, you can control the quality of the air a little more. Certain air systems like this help the air remain clean. 

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At Wisco Supply, we provide industrial and commercial buildings with the necessary equipment to maintain their operations. In the summer months, a warehouse can be difficult to cool, which can pose problems to your productivity and your operations. 

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